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I’ve tried different workout DVDs and couldn’t get the results I was looking for. I’ve had different trainers that couldn’t work around my busy work schedule. I looked at a video from Breon Boyd’s news feed through Facebook. I was amazed at her before and after results, so I contacted Latisha Watson and the rest was history…10lbs down and 10 to go! The best is yet to come


Arise Wellness is the truth! It has helped me maintain my goal weight. I love how Latisha pushes me to be a better and healthier version of myself. Thank you!


Since starting my journey with Arise Wellness, I have dropped a few sizes in clothing. My A1c (diabetes) is maintaining at a healthy level. Arise Wellness has impacted my life and pushed me to do things I never thought I would


I found out my cholesterol was 240 (stroke and heart attack level), and my A1c was at 6.4. I was told by my doctor that one more point would be considered diabetic. I got serious about my health and vowed to the devil…I refuse to help you kill me by the food I eat. I contacted Latisha at Arise Wellness and she coached me through a complete lifestyle change. I went back to the doctor, and my cholesterol dropped to 174!!!! Yes, a 66 point drop. Let me tell you, she cares about YOU and wants the best for YOU. You better find you a Latisha Watson!  


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